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Sunfreeware Ending Free Downloads

After 20 years of providing free pre-compiled Open Source packages to the Solaris community though sponsorship from our benefactor, we are giving you notice that Sunfreeware will no longer be providing free downloads after September 30, 2013.

In order to continue to provide a quality service to the Solaris community, we created UNIX Packages, a subscription based service that we feel provides great value for price allowing you to download reliable packages built by the same trusted professionals as Sunfreeware.

Steve has been compiling and distributing packages for Solaris for over twenty years. Over the last two years, many of our existing Sunfreeware Military, Government, EDU and Corporate clients have transitioned over to our new service at

We'd really appreciate your subscription payments, which we feel are a very small price to pay for the savings you get in time to build and test these packages. Without paying subscriptions, we simply would not be able to continue providing our services as UNIX Packages is un-sponsored, but requires a full time professional staff.

Please continue to support the availability of Open Source Packages for the Solaris community at UNIX Packages through our subscription services. We always welcome your feedback at any time.

Many thanks,
Colin & Steve
UNIX Packages LLC.

January 2012

New Site - -

After 19 years of providing open access to our package repository we are now adding an authentication layer to the sunfreeware website.

The sponsorship of this site has changed significantly in recent years. This opened up the opportunity for Steve and I to offer a higher level of service via subscription on

During the registration process you will be offered the opportunity to subscribe to a higher level of service on our new site. Now we only provide Solaris 10 packages, only a subset of those are updated, and the frequency of the updates is much less frequent.

For the foreseeable future Sunfreeware will continue to be free of charge. However, if the sponsorship of Sunfreeware changes, the access and availability will also change.

What's New?

  • The Sunfreeware servers have moved to a new cloud based servers.
  • The package file size and MD5 information has moved to an easy to use link
  • Access to the repository now requires a Sunfreeware account.
  • The package listing is now in a consistent format.
  • You can sign up for our newsletter.