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Pick Processor/OS:
SPARC/Solaris 2.5
SPARC/Solaris 2.6
SPARC/Solaris 7
SPARC/Solaris 8
SPARC/Solaris 9
SPARC/Solaris 10
SPARC/Solaris 11
x86/Solaris 8
x86/Solaris 9
x86/Solaris 10
x86/Solaris 11

Companion CD
Firefox,Thunderbird, Sunbird

Thanks To Those Who Helped With This Project

I wish to thank the following people for their long term help with this project.

While at Sun Microsystems/Oracle:

Mike Watkins
Fred Thornborow
Mary Valderama
Norm Jacobs
Stefan Teleman
Mike Sullivan
Marilyn Shoemaker
Joel Conklin
Graham Lovell
Mary Litynski
Jennifer King
Gunter Vanasse
Eric Boutilier
Bob Cauthen
Eric Nielsen
Andy Chessin
Casper Dik
Dave Crockett
Brian Lim
Emil Sarpa
Michael Majdalany
Morgan Herrington
Rich Burridge
Judy Gallegos
Van Meyer
Joya Banta
Melaine Bales
Barbara Gordon
Christopher Winters
Mara Roccaforte
Tim Sparlin
Herb Hinstorff
Debbie Conroy
Cyndy Limon
Dan Walsh
Marc Tamres

for their amazing support present and past of this project inside Sun.

In the beginning of the project, I had a lot of porting help from Pierre A. MacKay at the University of Washington and Michael Short at UC-Berkeley.


I have had a wonderful cooperation from freeware authors and users getting the latest source, bug fixes, etc. The software writers have done the real work in creating so much excellent software.

Steve Christensen